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Instructors of

a tempo Music Studios


Cody Sheldon (Owner)

Cody is a Wyoming native who studied at the University of Wyoming, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. He taught general music and beginning band at Saratoga Elementary for five years before deciding to move to Washington D.C. to pursue his goal of starting his own music studio with a focus on fostering a love of music, and spreading music literacy to as many people as possible. Cody has always believed that music should be something to be enjoyed, whether that joy comes from performing for others, or simply finding some time to play for yourself, and get swept up in the moment. Music has always been a part of his life, even as a young child when he was old enough to reach the piano keys. he was inspired by his great grandmother, who was a fantastic pianist all through her life. He played by ear for the first part of his childhood until he was fortunate enough to start taking piano lessons at the age of 10. 


In college, Cody started out as a piano performance major, but found his passions fell more into the teaching realm. Seeing the joy and excitement on people’s faces when they learn a new skill or a new piece is what drives him to keep teaching despite all the challenges that come with it. Cody has lived in the DMV area for the past four years, and has really enjoyed working at a local studio, but he is ready to branch out and start his own. a tempo is a dream that has been in the works for years, and  he is looking forward to achieving that dream while helping you achieve yours. 


Cody primarily teaches piano at all levels, ages 5 and up. he also has extensive knowledge of music theory, and composition and would love to help you if you are in need.


Music is a journey we all can take. 


Sawyer Dixon Sawyer has been playing piano for almost two decades, and has several years of pedagogical experience. In college, he studied with Kana McCara-Dehoy focusing on classical piano performance, with various other experiences in conducting, tuba performance, choir and chamber ensemble performance. Prior to his collegiate studies, he studied under Roberta Thomason, and was a recipient of the Thursday Morning Music Club of Greensboro Scholarship.

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